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Since ever, musicians who mostly have always fascinated and influenced me, were the ones, I believe, that tried to go beyond... out of the ordinary: when I heard "A physical presence" by Level 42 with Mark King on the bass, I was struck, and it was in 1985 when King was playing in that awesome way ! Then, when I bought my first record of Marcus Miller, "The sun don't lie"... idem !

Over the years, I listened to the various Wooten, Manring, Caron, of course going to Pastorious, Clarke and many others that would take too long to cite all. Obviously, I started with the “easiest” bass players, but then, naturally I was directed to the more 'complex and ingenious’ ones, trying to study and understand them, and when possible, see their live performance.

Actually, in my opinion, if you want to learn how to play any instrument, there is an essential secret, “the listening skill” which I think, is the best lesson you can have, whatever instrument you play... whatever kind of music you prefer. This of course, is regarded to the technical/practical aspect. If we refer to the ability to create a song or a beautiful and pleasant arrangement...well... no one or almost will help you. It depends a lot on your personal sensibility/creativity/talent... 

So, enjoy it! 

Claudio Signorile...



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