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Alusonic aluminium instrument "Hybrid 4" custom shop

 In this photo you can see my new Custom Bass: I'm really happy to present the "Hybrid 4 Custom shop", a new project powered by Polly, from Alusonic Aluminium Instrument, an Italian company producer of bass & guitar with innovative features, such as use of aluminum for the construction of the Body. My custom model is characterized precisely by hybrid union of body built with wood and top with aluminium. I choose Bartolini JJ pickups & active preamp from Coolsound Lab. I am personally honored to be part of this important brand as Endorser. Clic here if you want more information on the Hybrid Basses. Click here to see more photos !  

  Amplifier, strings & cables...

Tecamp Performer 600 


Head Gr700

 Galli Strings Nickel 45 65 85 105

 Niccolai Signature Cables














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