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I began playing the electric bass at the age of 17.


First as a self-taught, and then following different courses, clinics and events dedicated to the electric bass in various parts of Italy. Over the years I have conducted theoretical studies on harmony and reading, and specialized in modern techniques like slap and tapping. In addiction to having played in many local bands...


The constant study of my instrument has led me to be one of the finalist in the prestigious competition for young bass players in 2008, that takes place annually during the "EuroBassday", international event held in Verona where have performed high level artists such as Michael Manring, Marcus Miller, Stuart Hamm, Jimmy Haslip etc.



 In 2011 he won the "Tour Music Fest", ranked as the best bassist in the musicians category, and performing at the finals in the prestigious Piper Club in Rome.


In 2011 was selected as a finalist for bassists "Bass Master", whose final was held in Zagreb in 'field event called the Zagreb Guitar



 In February 2011 released his first solo album entitled "A song 4 Each Day ..." positively reviewed by many online



From January 2012 Claudio is a teacher at the music school "Music Academy" (Bari, Edmondo de Amicis 31/33)



From March 2012 writes reviews on the prestigious website "Tempi duri - the ultimate Webzine" in the section "Chitarre e chitarristi" 

 From November 2012 Claudio is manager of only event dedicated to the electric bass in southern Italy: the "Bari Bass Day".



 Starting from 'April 2014 he joined, as endorser, the Alusonic Aluminium Instrument, Italian company producer of bass & guitar with innovative features, such as use of aluminum for the construction of the Body. The model Custom made ​​for Claudio is called Hybrid 4, and is characterized precisely by 'hybrid union of body built with wood and aluminum top.


Starting from December 5th 2017 my new solo record #GrooveExperience is OUT !!




New album OUT NOW !!

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